UB’s museum in Indonesia

Background and History
In 1952. Museum was founded with the background of the struggle and the people of East Java TKR of the Dutch Military Aggression I and II.
UB’s museum was built on the initiative of the brigadier general Army (Ret.) Soerachman Pengdam VIII / BRW Year 1959 to 1962.
Motto Museum UB “IMAGE Utha CAKRA PANA (stimulating light)”.
UB Museum inaugurated on May 4, 1968 by Col. Ret. Dr. Soewondo. Renowned as a means CITTA UTTHAPANA CAKRA Spreader Fire spirit and an area reaches 6825 m 2, divided into two main areas. That showroom and office area. Here are some of the collections of the museum UB. In front of the museum’s collection on display tanks that are used in battle, November 10, 1945 in Surabaya. Then there is the air strike counterforce weapons seized by the BKR in September 1945 from the hands of the Japanese Army. 3.5 Inch Cannon cannon, named Si Remove seized by TKR in the village of Gresik Gethering Dutch Army on December 10, 1945. Then Tank AMP-TRACK is used in combat fighters TRIP.
The back of the museum we can see the icon of the Museum of UB is a deadly train boxcar used to transport 100 fighters from Bondowoso Indonesia to Surabaya in a state of closed doors and without a vent, that killed almost all the passengers and leaving 12 people survived.
Collections contained in the museum include car “de Soto USA” is the car used as service vehicles Soengkono Colonel who was then serving as commander of UB’s Division (Division I JATIM) 1948-1950 in JATIM. Relics of the commander general of the Sudirman. The photos to the photo Malang jamna struggle past. Computer-besa great ancient and others.
The museum is divided into five locations arranging exhibition are:
A. Location Home UB Home Museum is named “Agne Yastra Loca” which means a firearm park revolution. The front page is an open exhibition space displaying historical objects, especially heavy weapons and armored vehicles that have historical value.
2. The lobby space. In the room there are three collections that can be viewed by visitors, including:
A.Relief assignment UB forces
B.Relief power of the Kingdom of Majapahit
C.Lambang-a sign of unity / Kodam throughout Indonesia.
3. 1 space. Collections contained in this room from the year 1945 to 1949. In this room, visitors will diperlihatakan historic objects, such as De Soto car, photographs of the former commander of East Java, firearms, etc.. The most interesting part of this room is the presence of tables and chairs used by Bung Karno, Bung Hatta, Kol. Soengkono in talks on the Dutch side is called the “roundtable talks”.
4. Space 2. Collections contained in this room starting from 1950 – present. In this room there are historic objects such as computers used at the time, and so on. In this room there are also photographs of interesting to watch, like the photographs that tell the special operations carried out in crushing the rebellion that occurred in Indonesia, and there are also photographs of the city of Malang past.
5. Central page. At this open space, visitors will be shown 2 pieces of artifacts that has its own story, so give it a name that draws on both the object. The name on the second object is the “Wagon of Death” and “Boat Sigigir”.
Location Museum
St. Ijen No.25 A Malang
Ph.+62341-562 394
Distance from Airport: 15 Km
Distance from Sea Port: 105 Km
Distance from Bus Terminal: 5 Km

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