Daydreaming Brain sign Superior

WASHINGTON – Ever daydream when you’re washing dishes? If this happens often, chances are you have a very competent active memory.

The mind is wandering, can actually make a person’s active memory exhaustion. Active memory is itself a mental workspace that allows the brain to run a few thoughts simultaneously.

Live Science proclaimed, Tuesday (03/20/2012), a growing number of active memory a person has, they can be more daydreaming about something without forgetting the task at hand.

“Our results indicate that adequate planning is often done every day, like when on the bus, cycling to the office, or taking a bath, all supported by an active memory,” said Jonathan Smallwood, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain of Science.

“Their brains are trying to allocate resources to the most stressful issues,” he added.

When one’s mind began to lack of active memory, reverie or thoughts that stray from the topic could take over the main stage without realizing it.

For example, getting people to the house without remembering that there are things his way, or suddenly realizing that they flip through several pages of the book without understanding every word in it.

“It’s almost similar to the current state of your attention is so focused on my thoughts so do not remember reading any of your goals,” said Daniel Levinson, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for Investigating Healthy Mind is also involved in the study.

The discovery was to be added to the latest research indicates that daydreaming could be a positive moment. For example, daydreaming is often associated with creativity. Researchers think that the moments of our most creative and inventive when it comes daydreaming. Levinson also noted the possibility that the most intelligent among us also have high levels of active memory.


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