Education Management, New Prodi Ready to Compete

Education Management Studies Program (MP) is quite new in the FIP Unesa, but it is not a reason that makes it unable to compete. Public lecture Prodi raised by MP (20/3) to be one proof that Prodi is ready to take to compete.
Public lecture has become a tradition in lingkunganUnesa especially in FIP because through this effort is much to be learned by the student for. This is caused by frequent implementers to invite a speaker who is outstanding and competent in their field, but are not derived from faculty in the FIP.

             Themes raised by the study program in Management Education organizes a public lecture is “Best Practice Quality of Education Indonesia” with presenters LPMP chairman of East Java Province, Salman Ph.D. With the theme, students are expected to be Education Management learn more about the quality of Indonesian education and Education Quality Assurance Agency (LPMP).
             Activities held at the auditorium of this FIP, attended by KPI (Indonesia Kualita Education), Dean of the FIP, Chairman of the Department, and professor of Management Education. MP students seemed very excited to follow this course because the material presented is very closely related to their world, the education management.
             In his speech, Chairman of the Department of Education Management Prodi stated that the current Prodi Education Management has been working with several agencies to assist in the development of Education Management towards more advanced and can produce a more competent in their field mahasisw. It is also stated directly in the form of signing the MoU with the chairman of East Java Province LPMP and KPI.

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