Unesa Make 14 paper

Not only is the campus mainstream technique in terms of the creation of flying robots. State University of Surabaya (Unesa) which actually focuses on education also did not want to miss. Since three years ago, Unesa robotics team began creating intelligent robots through the dominance of polytechnic campus.

In January, the robotics team of the Faculty of Engineering Unesa Dewo won third place in the electronics creativity contest held in 2012 Poltek Electronics Malang. Categories were contested line follower robot. In fact, Unesa managed to beat some of the leading technical colleges in East Java.

The workings of the robot is walking the line of black and white. “The sensor is designed for walking the line of black and white,” said Apriliano Suseno, a senior member of the robotics team Dewo. Shaped like a small line follower car tamiya. “The size does not vary much with the kids toy car. Materials and bektuknya also simple, consisting of motor, sensor, and LCD,” he explained.

He explained that the main part consists of line follower robot microcontroller as the brain. The tool serves the entire sensor and actuator control (drive or motor). In addition, there is a LCD display, the line detection sensor, and motor (driving).

Indeed, the word Apriliano Yanu-call-it is not difficult to make a robot. Just take a little longer to make the robot sensor is more sensitive. “Approximately two weeks of the robot is finished”, he said. For the category of line follower, robot arguably very advanced when compared with the same robot in Java category.

His team, he said, was like that pioneered the category of robot that can tune in East Java. They were inspired by the progress of line follower robot in Jogjakarta. In Surabaya line follower actually flying among students. Meanwhile, among the students there is no community. “We’ll want to form a community,” explains the end of the semester students.

To that end, Yanu and his team often fill in the various school extracurricular events. “We want to introduce this robot among students early on,” he explained. Not only school in Surabaya, but also the city and other districts in East Java.

Dewo team, he said, actually standing at the end of 2008. However, they begin to participate in various competitions since 2009. Some works that have won the race, among others, title III Indonesian Intelligent Robot Contest (KRCI) 4-wheel 2011 in the East Java regional, regional champion Soccer III KRCI 4 in 2011, and the champion favorite rocket payload contest held in Jogjakarta Indonesia Directorate General of Higher Education in 2011 .

Total of 14 robots already exist they make. Dewo robotics team composed of 25 members. They make a robot for the contested intense. In March they planned to follow the Java Robot Contest held PENS Surabaya.

Robotic line follower will remain contested. Just a word to him, his team will make it more sophisticated robots. That is, multiply the number of the sensor.


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